Most people put way to much stock in the weight and density of the wood as far as the quality of the sound of a tabla goes. After
spending months with tabla makers all over India, I have found that 95% of the sound come from the puddi or "head".  It is
proven by these two glass drums. The higher pitched one is very thick at about 3/4 of an inch. The smaller but deeper one is only
about 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch.  This "weight" myth has been propogated for hundreds of years and will likely never die down. I have
plenty of very light wooden drums that sound absolutely wonderful with a meticulously crafted "tuned" puddi. You can judge for
yourself by hearing these drums on this page or by hearing two others on the myspace site.

Hear the glass tablas on "three glass tablas"    
This is a beautiful bass glass tabla with a 6 and one half inch puddi. It sounds like a cross between the North Indian
Pakawaj and the South Indian Mridangam.  A Mridangawaj if you will.
Thoughts on using glass as a tabla shell
These glass tablas can be played like normal tablas sitting in the ring cushion, or due to their shortness, can be played in your lap as a
second drum while performing with the normal tabla / dugga. Many percussionists mount them on snare stands in a percussion
They are very durable being relatively thick. I actually dropped one from about three feet off the ground onto concrete and it never
even chipped. While installing the gatta one has to put extreme pressure on the drum with the hammer. If it survives this procedure,
then it is fine. That being said, it is a
GLASS tabla. A little extra care would not hurt.

We also make custom drums with your choice of vadi (strapping) color.
3 colors are available.
(more to be added soon)
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Model MT-100
8 inches tall.
Approx 3/8ths
thick, and 6 and
one half inch  head
$125.00 inc shipping
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Model MT-110 8 inches tall 3/8ths thick and 5 and a
half in head diameter. The glass is blown and light blue
in color
$150.00 includes shipping
(we accept paypal and will ship worldwide)