"Feist starts a flurry on the tabla. Even without
any accompaniment, his polyrhythmic notes
are almost too much to fathom."        
....Art Spike Magazine
"American tabla player Jim Feist delighted
the audience"   
....Pudhari (Indian newspaper)
American Institute of Indian Studies
"The work sample is a well recorded, clearly narrated performance that reminded me of an absolutely galvanizing late night
recital among the cognoscenti more than 34 years ago in Bombay, of one of India's leading tabla masters. His playing is strong
and powerful with real authority in both his left and right hands. And given the homogenization of styles in Indian music in
recent decades, his project of documenting one tradition-at the same time as being able to demonstrate a rich anthology of
repertoire from diverse tabla gharanas, as he does so well in his CD-has merit as well"
.... Reviewer from the American Institute of Indian Studies
For years Jim has relied on the accuracy, flexibility, and sonic detail of  Oktava microphones and Presonus preamps , and is now glad to be a part of the
"Oktava USA"  and "Presonus" families.
"Jim Feist's tabla mesmerized the crowd"   
....Bhaskar (Rajasthani newspaper)
"Tabla Wizard from the West"   
....The Times of India
"Tabla rhythm that's smooth and confident"   
....Down Beat magazine
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selected discography
Percussive Arts Society
("Percussive Notes" article by Jim.)
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Jim Feist Tabla Artist and Teacher
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