Jim Feist has been performing and teaching the tabla since 1990. He has traveled to India
several times to learn tabla from the late, legendary Ustad Allah Rakha, and Vibhav
Nageshkar. For the past 14 years Jim has been  under the tutelage of Ustad Allah
Rakha's celebrated disciple, Pandit Yogesh Samsi. He has also studied from Sukvinder
Singh Namdhari, Samir Chatterji, Anand Badamakar, and a handful of other notable
players. His interaction with such tabla intellectuals as Pandit Sudhir Mainkar and Dr.
Lowell Lybarger have also enhanced his knowledge of this vast art-form.
Jim has been recorded on albums by composer Kanniks Kannikeswaran for two all India
releases, and an album of pure Dhrupad music called "
Banaras" released in March '06.   
He has also recorded with Fareed Haque, Autumns Child, Aradhna, David Wilcox, Mike
Cohen Kirtan, Ron Esposito, Peter Mayer, and with the group he co-founded
Daro ("Baksheesh" on Tandem Records and "Rajdhani Express" also on Tandem
records). In 2003 and 2004, Mohenjo Daro won back to back "Cincinnati Entertainment
Awards" for "Best World Band". Jim also composed the music and performed all the
percussion on his debut solo disc
Indus Red. As a session tabla player Jim has been
recorded on many discs over the years. He also performed in the critically acclaimed
Indian show
Shanti (2004,2006,2014) in Cincinnati Ohio. In late 2007 he had the
priviledge of performing for the President of Bangladesh and in August 2009 for the
Governor of the State of Ohio at the Governors Mansion. His new c.d. The "Mughals"
Suite is available as of January 2016.
He composed and performed music for the documentary "Made in India?" and the wonderful documentary "Smile". He
has provided music for an important video for the organization "
Saathi" (Solidarity and Action Against the HIV Infection in
India) and also co-wrote music for the "Oxygen" cable channel. His music can be heard on the Travel Channel, National
Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, the series "Hawaii 5 O", The hit show "Nashville" and many more cable and
network shows. His music is heard on the smash hit Australian t.v. show "Aussie Goes Bolly" (produced and narrated by
Hugh Jackman) His music can be heard on New Zealand's  T.V show "Intrepid Journey's", The French show "Rendez Vous
Chez Moi Indie", The British hit "East Enders", The Iraeli nature series "Outdoor Room", The popular MTV show "Made",
The Australian show "Off the Radar", and the Canadian show "Bad Girls Club". He has also played on the 2006 c.d. "Sri
Venkata Ramaniyamu Vol. 5" for the Sri Venkataramaniyamu Welfare Society where all proceeds benefit the
underpriviledged in India. Jim has performed with the famed vocalist Ashiq Khan in Rajasthan, India.   He has performed
with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on several occasions, and at the Montreal Jazz-Festival twice (2002 and 2005) with
Mohenjo Daro. He has shared the stage with many fusion stalwarts including The Buddy Rich Big Band bassist Dave
Greg Osby, and Fareed Haque. He has also performed solo tabla with his teacher Yogesh Samsi. In 2016 Jim
played on the record from the CCM Jazz Dept "In Search of Garaj Mahal" featuring Fareed Haque. This music was
premiered live at JEN (Jazz Educators Network) in Louisville Ky to a packed (and extremely enthusiastic) house. Jim has
also provided music for the Bollywood movie "Heartbeats".

Jim has also accompanied Bollywood giant
Mahendra Kapoor, Budhadev Das Gupta, Laxmi Shankar, Anupama
Bhagwat, Kirana vocalist Mowna Ramachandra, Smt. Aditi Upadhya, and Kankana Banerjee, and a host of other
Indian Classical musicians. He has performed Sufi/Qawalli music many times and has performed with the great Dr. Karim
Gillani and the great West African Sufi artist Moussa Dieng Kala.
As an educator Jim has held very successful clinics and lec/dems all over the mid-west in colleges and high schools. His
article "A Peek Into the Making of a Maestro" published in the Jan 2011 "Percussive Notes" (PAS) has been hailed as a
"must read". He has been a featured clinician at Marshall University and has lectured at Taylor University among many
others. He has had successful solos at Washington University, University of Toledo, University of Cincinnati, Southern
University of New York, and Indiana University to name a few. He was awarded the American Institute of Indian Studies grant
for performing artists in 2006 and became affiliated with the University of Mumbai Hindustani Music Department. He teaches
tabla as an Adjunct at the College Conservatory of Music at U.C.  He also teaches privately in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio.
Jim shares his time between Cincinnati, Ohio and Pune, India.