selected discography
1994 Kanniks Kannikeswaran "Sabari" Bharat Film Distributors Madras
2005 Josh Suerkamp "A Slave Left Dreaming"
1995 Kanniks Kannikeswaran "Basant"
1997 Europa "WVXU Audiosyncrocies" compilation c.d.
1999 Monk "Blink" Flat Earth Records
2000 Monk "O"
2000 Zach Mechlem "the Haight Gang"
2000 Mohenjo Daro "Baksheesh" Tandem Records
2001 Monk "How Like a Winter"
2001 Seth Alder "The Fury and the Sound"
2003 Mohenjo Daro  "Rajdhani Express" Tandem Records
2003 Indus Red    Jim's solo effort
2004 Todd Almond "Deep North Woods"
2005 David Wilcox "Out Beyond Ideas" (with Bill Kreutzman of the Grateful Dead)
2005 Kanniks Kannikeswaran "Skanda"  (ancient verses from the Tamil Bhakti movement of the 1st millennium CE and the Tiruppukazh hymns from the 15th century)
2006 Sri Venkata Ramaniyamu Vol. 5
2006 Kanniks "Banaras" (a wonderful c.d.of Dhrupad inspired music played with bass tabla in pakawaj baj)
2007 Aradhna  "Amrit Vani"
2007 Atoms in Eve  "Mass"
2008 Autumn's Child "Reflections"
2009 Fareed Haque Flat Earth Ensemble "Flat Planet"
2009 Ron Esposito "Open Heart"
2009 Chris Collier "The Road Home"
2009 Peter Mayer "Goodbye Hello"
2009 The Chocolate Horse "We Don't Stand on Ceremony"
2009 Mike Cohen "Om Dattatreya"
2010 Karen Johns "Saprema"
2011 Aradhna "Namaste Sate"
2011 Aradhna "Sau Guna" (DVD)
2011 Ron Esposito "We Are One"
2012 Mike Cohen "Soul Contact"
2012 David M Bailey "Arrabon"
2012 Aradhna "Sapna"
2012 Mark Holland "Instruments of Peace"
2013 Ron Esposito  (WeAre One)
2013 Chris Collier (Portraits)
2013 Dan Adler "The Dan Adler Band"
2013 Acarya "Acarya"
2014 Sevika "Love is the Law of the Universe"
2015 Mohenjo Daro "Sangeet"
2009 Visionaries and Voices"Om Allen Fur"
2015 Fareed Haque "In Search of Garaj Mahal"
2015 Ancient News "I Come Into This World"
2016 Jim Feist "The Mughals Suite"
2016 Narda Wise "Inevitable"
2016 Sunny Singh "Title To Be Announced"